Paul Rivas — Chief Information Officer


Paul Rivas, Chief Information Officer

With over 20 years of experience in 24/7 data center management and financial software development, as well as nearly 10 years of character creation and computer animation, Paul brings a unique and valuable set of skills and experiences to our Company.

Prior to his association with our Company, Paul worked in the financial industry for over 15 years, working as a Technology Director, Programmer and Technology and Efficiency Consultant.

Since 2002, Paul has held an executive position as Technology Director for California Bear Credit Union. He manages a staff of analysts, programmers and help desk operators. During his time at this position, Paul has expanded the network infrastructure to include four branches and an auto dealership. He authored the “Courtesy Pay” program and contributed to reduce employee costs by increasing loan processing efficiency. Paul is charged with the creation, testing and implementation of the Disaster Recovery/Business continuity and Information Security plans. In 2000, Paul joined The Web Character Studio LLC. As Art Director Paul worked to advance the development of software companion technologies and create interactive free‐form characters. Paul’s characters were chosen by Microsoft to demonstrate the capabilities of the Layered Windows API. In late 1998, Paul began working for DZT. He led the art department in their efforts to create a library of interactive characters for inclusion in DZT’s visual development plug‐in product.

In 1995, Paul started P.H.R. Consulting, a consulting firm devoted to increasing efficiency and advancing the strategic initiatives of his clients. Working primarily in the credit union industry, P.H.R. Consulting created programs, processes and training designed to maximize current systems and software, and plan for the implementation of new technologies. In 1985, Paul began his work in the financial industry. Entering as a Programmer/Operator, he quickly moved to the Information Systems Manager. As IS Manager, Paul developed the technology plan and directed the technical operations of the credit union and IS staff. As Technology Director, Paul has spearheaded the design and creation of systems allowing for the introduction of new banking products and services, and the creation new income streams.

Paul enjoys painting and spending time with his wife and friends.

Paul’s information technology responsibilities in our Company will include:

  • Internal information technology;
  • Hardware design and implementation;
  • Communications;
  • Software purchasing;
  • Interface with third party servers;
  • Managing the content-to-Avazaps™work flow; and
  • Building out support team in accordance to the Company’s overall strategy.